Hello! I’m back. This weekend for some reason I decided to rebuild my github pages personal website.
I spent all morning while the wife and kids were sleeping trying to recover my github pages personal website. I started out trying to make the old site work, then I decided, why not just start from scratch? So I did.

I discovered how complex the setup of a github pages website can be, but eventually I conquered it, which is encouraging, since I am 10 years older that I was when I setup the original site. 10 years, you say?

Oh yeah, so I was poking around on my old site, and I notice that the last Post’s creation date was Aug 22, 2013! This was startling, to say the least.

A lot has happened in the past 10 years. I changed jobs, got promoted to Principal, My kids graduated High School, or are in striking distance, anyway. My oldest daughter is a year away from graduating college!

We dealt with a Trump Administration, we had a Pandemic that killed millions and still lingers, infecting new folks and keeping others sick with Long Covid. We shifted pretty much all tech work to Work at Home, which is an extraordinary event in itself. Truly, it is hard to comprehend just how much has changed in the past 10 years.

Check out the github-pages-with-docker Youtube Video for a hella good video detailing how you should setup a github pages using jekyll. It’s an excellent walkthrough.